What is this tiny black beetle with orange spots?

Asked August 31, 2015, 8:27 PM EDT

There are a bunch of tiny black beetles with orange spots in one of our kitchen pantry's. I've now seen many on top of our paper towel rolls. Any help would be much appreciated!

Pima County Arizona

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Those are carpet beetles. They are common indoor pests of stored products and other organic materials. Back in the day, when most carpets were made of wool or other natural fibers, these insects got their name. They can be found on a variety of things besides carpets and are most likely infesting something near where you are seeing them in the pantry. The first things to check are any open containers of pet food, bird seed, etc. and then starting working through things stored in cardboard boxes or other easily chewed containers. The eradication of these beetles is difficult and sanitation is the most important method.


Thank you!!