what do I have?

Asked August 31, 2015, 5:57 PM EDT

Is this a type of candlestick plant?

Burleson County Texas

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It does not have the same appearance as a candlestick plant, at least the plant that comes to mind with that common name. Can you provide more info? - is it a vine, shrub or sub-shrub or groundcover? bloom time? Do you see or have seen evidence of any seeds? Is this something you purchased and planted or naturally occuring on your property?

In your image the only bloom I can see clearly is in the background, as the foreground is blurred. Happy to help if you can provide a little more information.

WE are still working on ID for you. The seed pod is a legume, so that helps to narrow it done. Did you purchase and plant it? Or did it just come up on your property? Is it green all year? Can you give me some idea of the size. This info would really help identify. thanks,

Don't know anything about plant. I was given seeds. Looks like the plant could be a vine. Dies back in winter. Was told it is a type oh candle stick plant but was not sure. Not much help I'm sure, will try to find out more.

This appears to be a type of Senna - not sure which species.