white grub worms - potatoes

Asked August 31, 2015, 10:12 AM EDT

I harvested my potatoes & KILLED many white grubs, but I have holes in my potaotes - can I still store the potaoes - or will they rot at the damaged point? I harvested about 60 pounds - so eating the damaged ones is not an option . Thanks for your help :) I can give them away if they will rot - please let me know

Sully County South Dakota food safety potatoes

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It depends on how deep the holes in your potatoes are... If there are only small indentations, they may heal themselves. The safety of it depends on whether a pathogen (bacteria, fungus, etc.) was introduced into the holes. If the holes appear clean, then they are probably safe to dry them out by leaving them out for 2-3 days where they can have air and heal. It is important that the potatoes dry out as much as possible rather than sitting all together in storage where it may be moist. However, if the holes are deep, there is greater chance that the potatoes won't store well. In this case, use the potatoes up as soon as possible.