Holes in lawn

Asked August 30, 2015, 9:00 PM EDT

We have some critters digging divers in our lawn. Not sure what it is, maybe skunk, but don't smell any skunt scent. We have a 3 acre field we mow, and they have destroyed about 1/3 of it. What can we do to deter them? They are digging at nighttime, so we don't see them.

Itasca County Minnesota skunks

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Definitely skunks that are after earthworms. They are very hard to deter so the best bet is to wait a couple weeks and power rake to level the sod they have pulled up, the grass will come back. Mild repellents, such as used kitty litter, can be placed near or inside the den to one side so the skunk has to pass them to get out; commercial or homemade capsaicin or castor oil repellents may also be tried.

Some repellents that are advertised and sold to deter skunks from yards are predator urine products that we believe are inhumane and inappropriate for use.

Others, such as the powerful capsaicin-based “hot sauces,” must be used with extreme care because of the consequences for both people and pets who may inadvertently come into contact with them.