What is causing my white pine trees to turn brown and die?

Asked August 30, 2015, 6:56 PM EDT

I have lost two white pine trees this summer. The needles all turned brown and on the first tree have all fallen off. I have discolored needles on several other tress and I am concerned about losing them as well. The trees are 10 year planted and until this year were all doing fine. I did not notice anything odd with the branches or trunks before the needles turned.

Wythe County Virginia

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I can't really say what may have killed your trees without seeing them.
Here are two possibilities.
There could be a root rot problem.
The trees could have had some winter freeze injury to part of the trunk or roots. When it gets hot and dry, the trees have a higher water demand, and freeze injury would interfere with the trees ability to transport water and can cause limbs to die.