Do you have anyone or can refer anyone to us for making sure our large ash...

Asked August 29, 2015, 1:37 PM EDT

Do you have anyone or can refer anyone to us for making sure our large ash tree has the borer or not, we don't want to lose it. I couldn't find any D shaped holes but the top isn't looking so well. I've been tweeting it for several years now with Bayer Advanced. Thanks Brian Neuhauser

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D-shaped exit holes may exist higher in the canopy that you cannot easily see. Therefore you may need to turn to other symptoms to help determine if Emerald Ash Borer is present. Symptoms include: canopy thinning from the top-down, suckers sprouting from the root zone or from trunk or branch joints, bark popping or peeling off, revealing sinuous galleries indicating feeding of larva is also a sign of Emerald Ash Borer. Heavy woodpecker damage is also telling. See more here:

If you would like a second opinion beyond your own investigations, you can bring photos into the extension office ( in your county or send them by email for the educator or the OSU Master Gardener Volunteers to review during their horticulture hotline.

If you would like someone to come out to your property to investigate, you can hire a certified arborist who can inspect your tree. You can find a list of certified arborists at, ( and search for an arborist by zip code. We always suggest contacting and comparing a few different arborists/companies before choosing one.