A Deadly Spider??

Asked August 28, 2015, 11:23 PM EDT

All types of Spider's have been invading my home for a good month now! Mostly wolf spider's, and some daddy Long legs. Sooo this spider decided to build a large thick web above my back door. I have cleared this web over an over..wondering what kind of spider this could be!?!?!?? Doing other yard duties, I had to spray for bee's.. Right above the web! Not even thinking about the creepy crawly.... I get threw an walk away. It was a half hour later I returned to the back porch and seen this...upside down, holding onto his web with his needle like wands....... But I had to squish it after I took this!~~~?#1 Shld I b afraid? #2 how can I get rid of them?

Montcalm County Michigan

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That's a Grass spider, Agelenopsis sp. (Araneae: Agelenidae).

Grass spiders are common in open fields and around buildings. Like other funnel web spiders, a grass spider constructs a sheet-like web with a funnel or tunnel-like retreat located at one end. Above the sheet, the spider spins an irregular network of silk strands that function to knock down flying insects from air into the sheet below. When the prey lands on the sheet, the spider makes a lightning fast move to capture it. The webs are often constructed in corners of buildings. These spiders are not considered dangerous, but like other large spiders, they will bite in self-defense if handled roughly. They are not often found indoors and usually no special precautions are needed to protect oneself from these spiders.

A sturdy flyswatter or household aerosol insecticides like Raid, will provide swift control of these fast moving spiders if they can be caught out in the open.