Weed Control

Asked August 28, 2015, 9:24 AM EDT

I have 26 acres that I raise cattle on. I have a problem with Nutsedge. What can I use to control this weed while still be safe to use around cattle. It is literally taking over my field.

Harris County Texas

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2,4-D or pennant magnum (metolachlor is the active ingredient in pennant magnum) will be your best bets. The pennant is made for sedge control, but does have some lengthy grazing restrictions with it. 2,4-D won't work as well as the pennant, but will help to start control your sedge problems and doesn't have such a large grazing restriction with it. Be sure to read the labels, and think what will work best for you and how you can rotate your cattle within the time frames the labels give for grazing restrictions.