2 year old grape vine

Asked August 27, 2015, 9:33 PM EDT

Someone gave me a grape vine 2 years & with no info, I planted it. I had grapes last year and again this year. I just planted it to see if it would grow and it definitely has. I would like to transplant it to a new location, now that it appears to be hardy. When would be the best time to transplant it now or in the spring? Thank You Ray Christopher

Anoka County Minnesota

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Hi Ray,

The best time to transplant this vine would be in early spring, before bud break.
Transplanting grapes is similar to transplanting any good sized woody plant:

Begin by preparing the new planting space. Dig a circle about 3 feet by 18" and
mix an organic, high-phosphorus fertilizer, such as fish bone meal, into the soil or around the plant, depending on the instructions on the package by the manufacturer. Some fertilizers are granular that you sprinkle or scratch in; others may be liquids that you mix with water and pour either into the planting hole or around the planted vine. Depending on the instructions, you may have to wait until you plant the vine before adding a fertilizer. Phosphorus fertilizers play an instrumental role in promoting the growth and health of transplants because the phosphorus promotes a strong, healthy root system that enables the vine to grow to its potential.

Next, cut the vine back to where there are 3-4 buds. Although this may seem drastic, each of these will grow vigorously into new vines. Dig a circle a good three feet around, and 18" down to make sure that you get as many roots as possible. You may want to lay the root ball on a tarp in order to move it without breaking too many more roots.

Lay the root ball in the new soil and spread out the roots. Do NOT plant it any deeper than it was in the original location.

Water the vine thoroughly and repeat watering every three days; rain counts as a good watering, so don't water if you experience a healthy amount of rain. Putting your hose on the base of the vine for 20 minutes at a slow-to-moderate trickle should allow for enough water.

Here is some additional information about growing grapes in our area:

I hope this is helpful. Please contact AaE again if you have further questions.