monkey face prickle back

Asked August 27, 2015, 5:53 PM EDT

Hello I was wondering if anyone had studied these fish on the Oregon coast

Oregon marine fisheries

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This is the closest study to the Oregon Coast I could find on this species:

Let me know if you have other questions.


Guillermo Giannico

OSU and Sea Grant Extension

Is there any students that would be interested in helping me with a study. I know there habitat well.

There are always students, the limiting factors are faculty who can supervise their work and, almost as importantly, funding to support the student (tuition and stipend) and her/his field work expenses. However, if you are thinking of a very simple research project that could be undertaken by an undergraduate student (probably one in the last year of a B.Sc. program) that may be a lot less expensive (only field work costs). In this latter case, the student needs to be able to use that research project or mini-thesis for credit towards graduation. I don't work on marine species. Therefore, the next step to find a potential candidate is talking to faculty who do marine research at either Hatfield or from the OSU main campus. If you are more specific in your information, I can suggest some contacts among our faculty that you could try. It will be easier to write to my work e-mail address directly rather than through this website. If you want to continue this conversation please contact me at: