mold/mildew? Recognizing and treating

Asked August 27, 2015, 12:39 PM EDT

How do I recognize and treat what is mold or mildew or something else: in an old closed up freezer? on old paintings? on old toys, books, etc.? Thanks so much.

Montgomery County Maryland mold miscellaneous

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Based on your photos, it looks like you have a sense of how to recognize mold or mildew already. You could go to Google Image and look a fungus photos to enhance your understanding. The first photo looks like an old spill that grew what we suspect is a bacterium. We cannot say for sure what the organism is, but it certainly is something that needs to be cleaned with an all purpose cleaner and possibly followed by a Chlorox solution. The second photo looks like fungal spots on the back of a painting. That would have to be taken to a painting restorer, since we know of no way to treat it at home. The third yellow surface looks like it has black fungal spots, which should be washed. Again a Chlorox solution could be used if the item to be washed will not be damaged by the Chlorox. Use a dehumidifier when it is humid. vw