do you know what these are?

Asked August 26, 2015, 7:37 AM EDT


I have attached 2 photos of the bugs I am having issues with. They are very small, full stop size if not smaller look like a circle with small triangle attached. I've had them for 2 weeks and as yet they don't appear to have increased in number. They are appearing from under my fireplace (my fire is built into the wall) coming up through the seal. They are almost always found on there own and move very slowly if at all. I've viewed them under a microscope and they appear a really light brown with what appears to be a cracked outer shell. I've tried looking for bird and rodent mites but I recently found a picture of a soil mite that looked very similar. What do you think? Thanks for your help

Outside United States

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Interesting question. The pictures appear to be of a soil mite as you suspect. Soil mites usually help to break down compost. If they are a concern try using a insecticidal soap . i am trying to figure why you are seeing them around your fireplace. Possibly from dampness underneath. I am surprised you don't see them in your indoor plants in the soil.

We have just gotten rid of a composter could we have brought them in? We have also just pressure washed out back patio area could that have forced them in? Are they definitely not bird/rodent mite types? Are soil mites likely to cause an infestation indoors? We have no house plant so no soil, will they eventually just leave/die off? Thanks very much for you expertise

Because we dealing with some mites it is hard to answer but it is possible they came from the composter. Not sure if pressure washing the patio could force them in. They do not appear to be bird or rodent mites but because so many mites look similiar it is hard to rule anything out. If you do not have indoor plants i would think soil mites would not have a home unless they live in subsoil around or in your home.
I would wait to see if this is a small sample or will they multiply. You can vacuum them up but be sure to dispose of the bag or freeze the bag. Trial and error is where we are at. You might take the mites to a local extension office for their evaluation.