Sheep Grazing

Asked August 26, 2015, 7:25 AM EDT

We are trying to rebuild /reseed our small pasture for our children's 4-H sheep. We also have a miniature horse and a goat living with the sheep. Is tall fescue grass o.k. for pregnant sheep, a goat and a minuature horse to eat? Thank you. Tammie Winters

Anne Arundel County Maryland sheep 4-h pasture agnr

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It is preferable not to use Kentucky 31 tall fescue due to an endophyte in the plant that can cause problems for horses and ruminant animals like cattle, sheep and goats. If possible use a non-endophyte or novel endophyte variety of tall fescue or non fescue grass like orchard grass. Your local extension office can help you choose a good species and variety suitable for your area.