Plum curculio

Asked August 25, 2015, 5:44 PM EDT

Had a very productive plum but finally gave up when every plum had one maggot - from the entry site, all plum curculio. Previous year I had thrown away probably 40 pounds of plums. Cut down the tree - also had other problems. None of the neighbors have plums. One, about 1 block away has a sour cherry. I have a youngish sour cherry also. Is it feasible to try another plum taking into account the cherry's ability to attract curculio? If it is feasible, how many years should I wait after cutting down the plum (took it out 3 years ago). I don't spray. Thank you.

Ramsey County Minnesota

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Because so many other plants are affected by the plum curculio it is nearly impossible to guarantee that a new plum won't be affected at some point.

Sanitation is extremely important when trying to control insects and disease, but unfortunately non-chemical controls have proven to be mostly inadequate in controlling this pest, so if you are unwilling to spray you may always be dealing with this pest. One exception may be the application of kayolin clay.

Here is some information about the plum curculio:

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