Can I prune or transplant my hydrangea?

Asked August 25, 2015, 1:11 PM EDT

I have a hydrangea growing on the edge of our woods. It is an old hydrangea, very woody with new shoots growing out of the ground. I am wondering when and how should I prune this plant, and if it's possible to move it out of the woods and onto the east side of our house, where it won't be competing for sun and nutrients. I thought it was an "Annabelle" type, but the flowers do not turn green. They stay white, and some of them turn a very soft pink, before turning brown and dying. The petals are smaller than what I have seen of blue and pink hydrangeas you can buy at stores, and more similar to an Annabelle, but the heads are not as big as an Annabelle either.

Benton County Minnesota hydrangea

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It could be related to Annabelle and can be treated as such. Find the best fit for type of hydrangea you have in the links below. Here is more information on the care and pruning of hydrangeas: