Small red fruit with 2" stem on tree.

Asked August 25, 2015, 12:16 PM EDT

Do you know what fruit is growing on a smallish tree in the park behind the Md Historical building behind the Cockeysville Library? The fruit is about the size of a cherry but its skin looks like a leechi. It is juicy and sweet inside but I didn't want to swallow it as it had a drying effect on my mouth. Thanks,


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We are not sure of the fruit that you are referring to. However, some possibilities include Cornus kousa fruit or a persimmon. Google 'Images'.

A persimmon has a smooth outer skin. My fruit was bumpy and more pinkish than a persimmon. Thanks, Sharon

Did you check the Image of Cornus kousa fruit?

That was it! the Cornus kousa. The skin doesn't taste so good. Thanks