Can you identify this plant?

Asked August 25, 2015, 6:46 AM EDT

I am curious about a certain plant- shrub tree that is planted on the north side of Route 99 just across from the Rockview prison? It looks to be 8 to 10' tall and thick and looks like a woody shrub.

Philadelphia County Pennsylvania

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What you are seeing is the hybrid willow.

The Penn State Energy Team is conducting research and looking at it as a possible short rotation woody crop. It is harvested every 3 years by chipping the entire tree. The chips are then burned in wood fired boilers to create heat and sometimes even electricity.

Thank you for the quick response. Will the hybrid willow your harvesting regrow? Also, what is the growth rate and maximum size at maturity.

Shrub willows grow very quickly and will re-sprout vigorously when cut. They grow to about 20 ft. and are often planted as wind breaks or living snow fences.

You can read more about the hybrid willow here: