Is rudbeckia an annual or perennial in Minnesota?

Asked August 24, 2015, 9:48 PM EDT

I bought a rudbeckia (so labeled) plant today (8/24/15) and wonder whether it will survive the winter, or is an annual for Minnesota? Looks like black-eyed Susan but not exactly. Yellow/orange flowers are plentiful on it. I hope it's a perennial but probably not.

Hennepin County Minnesota rudbeckia perennials

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There are many new hybrid perennials out there, and you are right to wonder if this one will be fully winter-hardy in our area.

If you could tell us what the label says we could research it. In the meantime, I would mulch this plant well - after the first hard frost - and then uncover it in March to allow some of the warmer spring sunlight in.

If it's marginally hardy, you may have to mulch it every year. If it is a zone 5 plant, it might be best to pot it up and bring it into an unheated building for the winter instead.

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