What kind of plant is this?

Asked August 24, 2015, 2:28 PM EDT

What kind of plant is this?

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This looks like common burdock. It's a biennial weed that just has a basal rosette of leaves that lay flat on the soil the first year. The following year, it grows upright and produces flowers and many, many seeds. When the flowers mature and seeds are formed, the spike clusters will stick to clothing and fur to transport and distribute the seeds. You really don't want that to happen!

To remove the plant mechanically, you would have to pull it ALL out. It has a long taproot, and since it looks like it's growing in the cracks, it will be difficult to accomplish. You may need to use an herbicide, such as glyphosate (e.g., Roundup), or one of those listed in this PNW Weed Handbook. To read more about it, see: http://ext100.wsu.edu/whitman/2013/11/13/common-burdock/