Ash Tree decline

Asked August 24, 2015, 2:01 PM EDT

I have a client with two ash trees in his front yard. One large one has been in decline and I had it inspected by an arborist this spring. They found no signs of EAB just signs of slow growth, competition and some possible structural problems with the tree. The smaller tree was very healthy. Now both trees are dropping leaves and seem to be infected with a fungus evident by yellow-brown leaf spots. Every tree in the neighborhood seems to be infected. Is this possible or should I be looking in another direction? I have included a picture of the tree that was healthy this spring and has begun decline over the last month.

Polk County Iowa ash trees

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Leaf spots are fairly common on trees. Leaf spots are usually caused by fungi. A few are caused by bacteria. Most leaf spots are favored by wet weather. Leaf spots often result in premature leaf drop. Fortunately, leaf spots cause little damage to most trees. No corrective action is necessary.