bonsai care

Asked August 24, 2015, 8:13 AM EDT

Bought this bonsai plant (see photo) over a month ago. Instructions were to water once a week and give liquid plant food every other week. I don't know what this plant is named. It has gradually been losing all its leaves since I purchased it. I don't think that's normal. Can you identify the plant and if possible to save it, what to do?

Montgomery County Maryland

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We need good leaf photos in order to identify your plant and, since it doesn't seem to have an entire leaf left, that is probably impossible. All you can do is follow the best cultural practices for bonsai.

Bonsai are actually very difficult to grow. This is an area of gardening that requires years of expertise. Usually it requires misting daily and periodic pruning of the roots. Here is a simple webpage but there are many others: