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Asked August 23, 2015, 10:35 AM EDT

This is my baby avocado tree. It is grown from seed in water. It's about 3-4 months old. Today I transplant it into soil (pH 5.5 - 6.5). It's 38 cm high (15 Inch) .
This is my third attempt and I hope that with your help I will succeed.
I also consider useful to mention that I live in Europe, Macedonia. The winter here is cold, below 0 degrees Celsius, and my plan is to keep the avocado tree in the house, close to the window.
I have a question about which fertilizer to use. I have "VALENTIN" liquid fertiliser for pelargonium. Can I use this for my avocado tree? If I can't, please tell me exactly what kind I should buy.
I also want to ask if I need to pinch the upper leaves to energize grow? I also heard that avocado trees don't like attention at all, but I'm all the time around my plants and flowers and I happily look forward to each new leaf.
Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated ...
Thank you

Outside United States

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The longevity of your avocado tree will be difficult to grow indoors in a cold environment. Best of luck. Follow the recommendations provided in this avocado fact sheet: http://edis.ifas.ufl.edu/mg213

You didn't answer to any of my questions. Neither for the fertilizer or for the leaves. You didn't gave me any advice or suggestion. I am looking for someone to answer me, who has knowledge to respond specifically for my plant and not to send me a link for growing avocados in Florida.


Growing an avocado in Macedonia will be difficult due to the cold weather and lack of sunlight! Avocados are from West Indian and some hybrid varieties are best adapted to a lowland tropical climate and relatively frost-free areas of the subtropics.

Your avocado that you planted may not grow into what you planted due to most avocado varieties do not come true from seed (i.e., a seed will not render the same variety), so they must be propagated vegetatively.

The fact sheet I provided you with talks about the fertilization needs for all avocados species - look for a granular fertilizer 8-3-9 .

Pinching the growth will lessen the plants stretched branches.

Thank you