Giant Hogweed

Asked August 21, 2015, 9:57 PM EDT

I would like to know if any efforts are being made to control the spread of Giant Hogweed in the Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan. We have property near Bruce Crossing, and I have noticed a lot of Hogweed growing along the roads all through Ontonagon County, and both east and west of us.

Ontonagon County Michigan

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Hi Anne
Thanks for your observation and interest in helping to control invasive weeds. I would suggest that we make sure it is positively identified as giant hogweed as the native, cow parsnip has similar characteristics and is often mistaken for giant hogweed. Here is a MSU Extension article that points out characteristics of giant hogweed:

If it is indeed giant hogweed, your local conservation district would be a great resource to contact as they work to help eradicate invasives.