I'm having trouble pressure canning salsa...

Asked August 21, 2015, 12:39 PM EDT

I am having difficulty pressure canning salsa. I've done 4 canner loads. . . 2 different canners. And don't think any of the jars are sealing. I've had 3 rings blow up and off the jar. One in each canner, not in the same load. 4 other lids are extremely blown up rather than pressed down like they should be. I thought maybe after my first canner I was filling jars too full so started filling less. Thought ay be I let it go too long so sat near canner and watched last load and maybe half of them are sealing. I'm canning for 5 lbs pressure for 5 minutes. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?

Preble County Ohio

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Canner - You always need to use a tested recipe for salsa - I'm not sure where you got your recipe from. There are several that are tested listed on this site from the National Center for Home Food Preservation. http://nchfp.uga.edu/how/can_salsa.html There is a OSU youtube video of salsa canning that you can watch on this site http://fcs.osu.edu/food-safety/home-food-preservation. I am on vacation - but on Monday I could email you an Ohio salsa factsheet or call you to discuss questions. My email is barlage.7@osu.edu. You can see from the Food Preservation site that they are recommending using hot water bath for 15 minutes - but you must follow a tested recipe - no changing. There are some recipes where you can change the type of pepper - hot or mild, but do not add other things like for example corn. I hope this has helped you. Feel free to email or call my office 740-702-3200. Or if you email me you number I can call you. Lisa