Giant Ragweed control on residential forest & field acreage

Asked August 21, 2015, 11:16 AM EDT

Hello, I finally identified my "wicked weed", to which I have a violent skin reaction -- Giant ragweed has taken over the forest edge where my lawn ends. There are groves of it. I read that it is resistant to herbicides. Is it best to cut it off and spray with a spray that will go into the soil? There is a walnut tree in the middle of the stand of weeds. Forest lies just beyond it. I would like to use something organic as a first choice, but understand that may not work in this situation. What can you suggest? Are there weed-control mats I could put down in the spring to control growth next year. Please help! Where can I get the products I will need? What is the recommended method of cutting the weeds down, if that's an option? Thanks, Jan

Lehigh County Pennsylvania weed issues

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This plant is an annual, meaning it sets seed in late summer and they germinate next spring. You could put down a pre-emergent herbicide in early spring to prevent the seeds from germinating. If you don't want to apply herbicides, then I would go with mowing a couple of times during the summer. This will prevent the plant from setting new seeds.