Citrus leaf miner

Asked August 21, 2015, 4:55 AM EDT

My young potted orange tree has developed citrus leaf miner on its new growth. I live in gran canaria and it is difficult to get sprays etc to eradicate this. However I am going back to the UK next week and want to know if there is any product I can bring back with me or will be allowed to bring back. Is hortex pest oil any good? Any advice would be grateful. Also as my tree was dropping a large amount of leaves last month, I took off all the new fruit so the root ball would have a chance of developing stronger. It did stop the leaf drop but when can I expect more fruit to develop. Where I live is hot most of the year with very little rainfall. The plant is in a large pot on my patio and we do not have frost.

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Below is information from Texas A and M on controlling this pest. -
Horticultural oil sprays (including Neem Oil) applied to new leaf growth may inhibit egg laying, but must be repeated on a weekly basis during each flush cycle
• Insecticides containing Spinosad as the active ingredient has recently been introduced- Green Light’s Lawn & Garden Spray with Spinosad
- Ferti-lome’s Borer, Bagworm, Leafminer
- Tent Caterpillar Spray contain Spinosad and are available at several local nurseries and garden centers
- This insecticide needs to be applied on the top and under the leaves to be effective. The spray has to be applied at 2 week intervals and also after a hard rain
• Dormant oil can help deter egg-laying by female moths, but it does not stop adult females.

Hope this helps.