Citrus leaf miner

Asked August 21, 2015, 4:55 AM EDT

My young potted orange tree has developed citrus leaf miner on its new growth. I live in gran canaria and it is difficult to get sprays etc to eradicate this. However I am going back to the UK next week and want to know if there is any product I can bring back with me or will be allowed to bring back. I shorted pest oil any good? Any advice would be grateful. Also as my tree was dropping a large amount of leaves last month, I took off all the new fruit so the root ball would have a chance of developing stronger. It did stop the leaf drop but when can I expect more fruit to develop. Where I live is hot most of the year with very little rainfall. The plant is in a large pot on my patio and we do not have frost.

Outside United States

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Citrus leafminer is a minor, nuisance pest of citrus that attacks new growth. Infested trees continue to function, although at a reduced rate. I do not know what insecticides you can carry with you. I would try products with the active ingredient spinosad. Treatment will be needed to new flushing leaves. We ignore this pest, because the spraying is tiresome. Soil treatment with imidacloprid is another option. Citrus in pots need good watering and use of slow release fertilizer year round. Oranges should bear crops each year if the water and fertilizer is maintained.