troubled tree

Asked August 20, 2015, 6:30 PM EDT

Hello, I have a red leaf maple tree thatis about 55-60 yrs ols. It has developed a very damp and Oozy fungus of some sort. I'd hate to loose the tree, what is it, is it endangering other trees and what can I do about it? Thanks Sherry Engebose

Brown County Wisconsin

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I can't make a definitive diagnosis: you should have this looked at by an arborist to get more specific information, but my suspicion is bacteria wetwood disease (or more graphically called slime flux). I'm afraid the outcome is not likely good for the tree, if that is what it is. It can strike any tree at any time, but an older tree like this is likely more susceptible. Here are two links to reliable information: and

You should contact an arborist to be certain, since, if this is the case, the tree may need to be taken down if the damage is severe and you should take steps to prevent its spread to other trees. Sorry! I wish I had better news.