crazy bees at hummer feeder

Asked August 20, 2015, 4:12 PM EDT

posted on main page. I have mini swarm at my hummingbird feeder, this is day 2. I put shallow dish of sugar water on the ground and more of them are feeding there today, but I want my feeder back and I Have Never Seen Honeybees At My Hummer Feeder! whasup? I dont want to kill them and I cannot afford to try to hive them and give them away. What can I do, my hummers need their water too and wont feed with the swarm around my feeder. one or two of the bees were aggressive when shooed, but most of them shooed away easily.

Multnomah County Oregon pollinators

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In the late summer in Oregon, most flowering plants have dried up, leaving very few nectar resources available for honey bees. Honey bees living near hummingbird feeders are lucky to find such a treat! Unfortunately, they are not always welcome guests. I don't suspect that the presence of honey bees will affect the visitation of hummingbirds. Because the bees are bothering you and/or others nearby, your only solution may be to remove the feeder until the rains return and natural forage is available to honey bees.

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