Sick grape vine - grapes get brown, shrink and die

Asked August 20, 2015, 3:10 PM EDT


I have a 3-4 years-old grapevine which grew so nicely around my deck. The baby grapes come out very rich and healthy, then start to get brown when they grow, shrink and either stay or fall off. The vine was healthy only the first year of yielding grapes. The disease started 2-3 years ago and gets worse every year.

I would mention that I never sprayed anything (good or bad) on the vine or on the backyard.

I googled and found out that one condition is to not let the sick grapes on the ground from one year to the next... and I really tried to pick up as much as I could, but it's practically impossible to get all the sick grapes from the ground. I also found that I should cut off leaves and let the grapes get air flow, to dry fast after rain... and I did cut off lots of leaves.

I am attaching pictures as of now - August 2015 - when the grapes are almost ripe. I live in South Jersey (zone 7).

Kindly ask you to help me get my vine healthy again... or, if this is not possible and have to plant a new one, what should buy to be disease-resistant, and what should I do to keep it healthy without harsh chemicals.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you!

Atlantic County New Jersey

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Looks like you have black rot.
It is probably too late to spray this year. Be sure to clean up all diseased plant material. Next year spray with a registered fungicide when the shoots are about 1 inch long and again when the shoots are about four inches long and then throughout the season at 7 to 10 day intervals until the berries begin to change color. Use sulfur or a Bordeaux mix or whatever fungicide that you can find that is labeled for black rot. It is extremely difficult to grow grapes without black rot especially in wet years. vw

Thank you very much for your prompt help!