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Good day. I live in West Palm Beach where there havebeen some terrible lightning storms lately. I live in a wooden home with many tall trees around it. A tall Norfolk Pine near me was recently struck and destroyed by lightning. I do have an external surge protector provided by Florida and Power Light, but I want to go beyond that and get a lightning protection system for my home, which will cover all potential entry areas including the structure itself, phone lines and cable lines. I have been told there is a safety downside, however, with protection systems in that they attract lightning. What do you recommend and what are the approximate costs of such a system? I am concerned about putting a lightning rod on the roof of a wooden home. Are my concerns justified? Finally, I have been trying to find out without success if when lightning strikes in a community that has lots of trees, will it strike a tall tree rather than a roof, if the trees are taller than the roof? I have always heard lightning is drawn to the tallest conductor. Is this true? Do trees provide a margin of safety? Thank you very much for sharing your time and expertise. It is sincerely appreciated. My email address is

Palm Beach County Florida

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One great resource is the National Lightning Safety Institute

Also, I would recommend checking out their site. You may want to talk with a licensed electrician as they, I believe, are qualified to install code-approved grounding rods and lightning surge devices. Another resource would be your local utility company for resources on lighting protection systems beyond what was installed.

Hope this helps!