Cloudy spot s on Tomato

Asked August 20, 2015, 12:16 PM EDT

I have had this problem for the last few years, but only on some tomato plants, not all.
This year I have grown only 3 tomato plants, each one different varieties; two plants of medium size tomatoes and one large tomatoes. the two small tomatoes of the plants have fruit with "cloudy spots" (per your description). Is this caused only by stink bugs? Not caused by lack of nutrients in soil? Why only on the two plants? Is the fruit still edible?

Montgomery County Maryland

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The damage that you see that is on the surface and just under the surface is stink bug damage. The tomatoes are edible. Some cultivars are more attractive to stink bugs than others. Soil conditions are not a factor in this problem. vw

Thank you. I will read up on that pest. I plan not to grow any vegetables next year for following reasons.: 1. Give the soil a rest - been growing tomatoes, squash, cucumbers, potatoes, and peppers for years in a 10x10 plot.. Maybe grow just hot peppers, herbs, and lettuce and flowers. 2. I have had a problem last two tears of a muskrat raiding my garden eating every thing but my hot peppers. There is a water basin nearby (1/4 mile) and I always see them around there. My neighbors also have a problem with them and they do not grow vegetables... I even put up a high fence around the garden area and he just claims over it . He lives under my neighbors shed. I captured the bugger the last 2 years and set him free miles from my home in the woods near a stream. The following year he or a new one is back. Maybe if I am not growing any vegetables he will go away and not come back. Any suggestions? I do not want to kill the animal, we all have the right to live, just not in my back garden (eats my food and doesn't pay rent)! Any suggestions in both areas would be helpful. Thanks again, Ron

Muskrats are not nearly as common as groundhogs.
The previous links will discuss how to deal with both. vw