What kind of tree should we plant?

Asked August 19, 2015, 10:25 AM EDT

We had to remove a tree in front of our house because it was dying. We were told that that kind of tree was not made for Minnesota weather, so we won't be replacing it with the same kind of tree. What kind of tree should we plant in front of the screened-in porch to the left of the house? There used to be a tree in that rounded area of hostas. Could you tell us the characteristics of the tree that you would recommend (height, look, etc.), and perhaps some types? Also, any recommendations for plants (shrubs or maybe skinny conifers) for the side yard for privacy between neighbor and our windows?

Ramsey County Minnesota

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I recommend a smaller tree that is fully hardy in Mpls. Trees that compliment rather than overwhelm a landscape are preferable. This can be a challenge in smaller urban yards. The slide show on the link provided has pictures and data about trees that are perfectly suited for the Twin Cities.
For shrubs for privacy in the side yard take a look at Dwarf Arborvitae, Ninebark, high bush cranberry, Elderberry, Chokeberry, flowering crab apples or a trellis with a vigorous rose like William Baffin. The Arborvitae is the only evergreen on the list and it is the only one that will provide screening all winter. The other suggestions will only provide partial screening but one is not outside much in the winter.