Claire...further info for John Eyre orchard grass hayfield question re. lime

Asked August 18, 2015, 6:21 PM EDT

Further info for John Eyre's question about hayfield and liming and questions with that in mind: 1. How much ag lime (if we can if fact find someone who can deliver to our field) would be needed as opposed to pelletized lime?
2.Is it better to till or not with the lime application? The soil sample was at 6" - 8". We were thinking that tilling would be best?
3. In that we need to lime, fertilize and plant this early fall...should liming (and tilling) be done a period of time before the other. And does the lime...particularly the pelletized lime need to have moisture at application to avoid burning. Thank you so much for your help. We keep reading and have talked to various suppliers who give us differing answers to these questions. We intend to plan orchard grass. Note link to our soil sample results for your information. Shelly and John

AgSource soil sample results:


Marion County Oregon

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Hi John,

I believe you received answers from Nicole on this, but just in case:

1. To raise your soil pH to 6.0 you would apply 3.7 tons/ac (regardless if Ag Lime or pelletized).

2. Yes, you need to till your field in order to incorporate the lime (complete tillage after liming). In the future, you can broadcast lime on the surface at a lower rate (1-2 tons/ac) every few years in order to maintain the desired pH. You would not surface-apply more than 2 tons/ac of lime.

3. Once you have limed the field you can complete your tillage right away, you do not have to wait. The field does not have to be moist, in fact it would be best to get the lime on and field tilled as soon as you can get the lime. You can then prepare your seedbed for seeding and fertilization (if desired).

According to your soil test, you may want to apply Phosphorus in some of the field zones (where it is below 30 ppm). You can either fertilize with 30lb P2O5/ac near the seed at planting (1" away from seed), or 60lb P2O5/ac if broadcasting and incorporating. Looks like your Potassium levels are sufficient for a new planting. Fertilize with 25lb N/ac at seeding (1" away from seed), and the remaining fertilizer should be applied in the spring.

Let me know if you have any other questions!