Native Ground Cover

Asked August 18, 2015, 2:47 PM EDT

What are the best full shade ground covers for Kent County?

Kent County Delaware groundcovers shade

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Plants that spread to cover the ground are referred to as groundcovers. Groundcovers are important elements in the well-designed garden. They fill the blank spaces of our beds and borders, and help unify our plantings. Usually this term denotes low-growing plants, but groundcovers can also refer to taller, spreading shrubs or trees that grow together to create a dense cover of vegetation.

On the University of Delaware website there is a factsheet entitled ‘Groundcover Alternatives to Turf Grass’. This fact sheet includes instructions on planting and maintaining groundcovers as well as a detailed list of native groundcovers appropriate for Delaware:

Another resource on the UD website is a series of documents entitled ‘Livable Delaware’, covering a variety of plant and environmental conditions. The booklet on ‘Livable Plants for the Home Landscape’ has a section specifically addressing gardening in dry shade including plant recommendations. This information can be found at: