Mud Daubers

Asked August 18, 2015, 2:46 PM EDT

What's the best way to keep Mud Daubers away??


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I am unaware of any repellents for mud daubers. Caulking and sealing holes, cracks or crevices around the home, shed, or other structure will discourage spiders (like to hide in those areas or build webs) and the wasp (frequently provision the cells they make for their offspring with spiders). They are considered non-aggressive wasps and are not social; although, a few adult females may be found using the same area to create their tubes for the offspring. Some species of mud daubers will provision their nest with caterpillars from nearby gardens or landscapes; thus are considered beneficial. Most people consider them a nuisance. Removal of old nests will discourage the next generation from reusing the mud nest of the previous generation (sometimes occurs). Removal of spider webs and discouraging spiders (considered beneficial arthropods by most, nuisances by some) may also reduce populations of mud daubers. Basically, other than habitat manipulation (reduce spider populations), removal of nests, and caulking/sealing holes and cracks in structures, there are few options to repel mud daubers.