What can I do about the brown spots on leaves of fruitless mulberry and hydrangea?

Asked August 17, 2015, 4:50 PM EDT

My hydrangea (left) and fruitless mulberry tree (right) both have brown spots on their leaves. Seems to happen every year. First appeared back in early June.

Dallas County Texas

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Both of these plants are susceptible to fungus on the leaves. The hydrangea requires acid soil and consistent watering, and will react adversely to overwatering or underwatering. Mulch around the base of the plant to maintain moisture and soil temperature. Hydrangeas also need a shady location as the sun can burn the leaves. You might have a certified arborist look at the Fruitless Mulberry to recommend treatment. There are a number of certified arborists in the Dallas area, these are some that we can suggest: Arborilogical Services 972-442-1524, Brown's Tree Service 214-334-0386, Preservation Trees 214-258-2266, or Sam Hill 972-481-3565.