Grass Problems

Asked August 17, 2015, 10:24 AM EDT

I live on a golf course. 15 years ago I planted Kentucky Blugrasses, beautiful lawn. Now I have creaping bentgrass spots all over the lawn. This doesn't like to be cut at 3" & looks bad. 1. Is there a blugrass that will outgrow the bentgrasses without trying to kill the bentgrasses all the time? 2. Is there another product, other than Tenacity, that will only kill the bentgrasses & not bother the blugrasses?

Van Buren County Michigan lawns and turf bentgrass

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Tenacity is fairly effective if used according to label. One study from the University of Connecticutt showed that multiple applications were needed to reduce the bentgrass by 99%. The label for Tenacity has specific instructions for rate and when to apply additional applications when targeting bentgrass. In the study it did require repeated applications for management of bentgrass. It also suggested that an application every few years would help to keep the bentgrass controlled. The study can be found at: