tomato plant problems

Asked August 16, 2015, 8:55 PM EDT

For some time now there have been small spots starting on the lower leaves of our tomato plants. The leaves then turn yellow. We then pull them off and throw them away. Most of our plants now have only leaves at the top. Some have died. We planted Better Boys and others. They have all been affected. We've had this problem for years.

Howard County Maryland

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The most common leaf spot disease of tomatoes is Early Blight. This is a fungal disease that overwinters in soil. The spores splash up on lower leaves in spring and keep working their way up the plant. There are several steps you can take to control this problem. Here is the info from our website:

Septoria is another fungal disease and much the same:


What varieties are resistant to early blight? I've been planting Better Boys plus some unknown cherry tomatoes. Also I've been putting down a mulch of newspaper (black and white only) and leaves collected last winter after I plant the tomato plants. Thanks.

See the Tomato Disease Resistant Table List from Cornell for disease resistant varieties.