Annual grass that has purple head for seeds.

Asked August 16, 2015, 6:54 PM EDT

I live in Kamloops, B.C., Canada and have had a recurring problem with a particular type of annual grass. It show up in late spring and is very invasive in my lawn. It grows in a single small bunch and grows very fast. When it matures it produces long spikes that have a small purple head with seeds like a normal grass. It is fairly drought resistant and can take over an entire lawn if not kept in check. It is very noticeable growing among the normal grass that comprises the lawn as its blades are wider and coarser. Also it will maintain a darker green color if the normal grass in the lawn has become brown from lack of water. I try to control it as best I can by pulling the bunches out by hand. It is fairly shallow rooted. It dies in the winter but the seeds must be blowing in as it returns every spring! It is very annoying to me as I like a nice looking lawn with normal grass that I have planted. Not some unwanted "weed" grass! I cannot seem to find out what type of grass this is and if there is any better way to control it other than hand pulling which makes it impossible to get all of the grass! Some one told me that it might be a type of grass that is used to reseed areas by the forestry or contractors for erosion purposes. Do you have any idea what this grass is? Thx.

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I was assigned your question but really am not a turf person. My suggestion would be to see if you have the Master Gardener program in Canada and bring a sample to their office for identification.

Another suggestion is to find a local Audubon or other conservation group office and see if they can tell you what it is. Maybe a farmer's group.

Or, you can email the UConn Home & Garden Education Center here in Storrs at and find out how to submit a plant sample for ID. There is a $15 fee.

Sorry I can't ID your plant with just your description.