What type of tomato is this?

Asked August 16, 2015, 6:16 PM EDT

Do you know what type of tomato is in these photos? The tomato is shaped somewhat like a heart. We took the leaves to a nursery and they said it was from a "heirloom" family, but couldn't identify it. It has a thick bush and yields many tomatoes. We want to plant them next year. Photos attached.

Howard County Maryland

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This is a type of tomato referred to as a 'plum' or paste-type of tomato, often used for cooking. We can't tell you a named variety.
If you want it again next year, dry and save the seeds for starting indoors next spring, about 6 weeks before (last week of March) the last frost date for our area, which is around Mother's Day.
(If you have other tomatoes growing nearby there is still the chance that it cross pollinates and will not be exactly the same.)