Diseased pine shrub

Asked August 16, 2015, 11:20 AM EDT

Hi. I hope you folks can help me to identify the disease or pest which is attacking two of our pine shrubs. Unfortunately, I could not find a receipt showing the type of pine, but perhaps you can ID it from the attached photos. I can provide additional photos if it would help. I have been fighting this for the past two years using Orthenex and thought, after this past cold winter, I might have succeeded. I was wrong. I very much appreciate your help. Bill Mentzer

New Castle County Delaware

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Unfortunately, I cannot tell from your picture what the problem is with your pine tree. I see a lot of resin or sap on the twig. I would suggest submitting a sample to your closest County Extension Office, which in your case is on Wyoming Road in Newark. Take a sample that shows a range of symptoms, or a margin between healthy and affected. A picture of the whole plant in its setting in your landscape would help. From the picture you submitted, I cannot tell how large the tree is or where it is situated. How long has it been planted. What is the drainage like in the site?
Orthenex is an insecticide, so unless you see insect pests on the shrubs, there is no reason to apply an insecticide, and it may be contributing to the problem rather than helping to solve it.
As you can tell, I have asked many questions in order to help your solve your mystery of the diagnosis of your plant. I wold suggest that submitting a sample and completely filling out the sample submission form ( http://extension.udel.edu/ag/plant-diseases/ud-plant-diagnostic-clinic/ ), will help us determine what the problem is.

Thank you for contacting Cooperative Extension,