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Asked August 15, 2015, 3:19 PM EDT

My wife recently discovered some bright yellow mold growing on the bottom of damp 2" x 6" wood in our basement in upstate Pennsylvania ( photos attached). I was able to cut a section of the wood and bring it back to our home in Wilmington for possible positive identification by the Coop. Extension Service. Is it possible to obtain an ID of this sample?

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Your pictures show what might be a slime mold. Slime molds are related to fungi, but are not true fungi. Slime molds are a little more primitive in their growth and structure. Regardless, the single most important factor in mold, mold growth, and mold remediation is to control moisture and prevent wet or damp surfaces in your home. Damp wood, drywall and particle board should be removed if mold is found growing on it. Clean the area with a bleach solution, and solve the dampness problem. If an area is merely cleaned and dried, the mold may grow back if the area gets damp again.
Slime molds are not toxic molds, and are growing on organic material in response to water. They often grow on mulch and on lawn turf. Solving the dampness issue will solve the mold issue.

Thank you for contacting Delaware Cooperative Extension,


Hello Ms Gregory,
I apologize for the long delay to your response to my question. Thank you very much for the information that you provided and for your advice on how to best manage this organism. Although you seemed to feel that the organism is a slime mold, I still have the original sample of the organism and I wanted to know if I could drop it off at UD for a positive identification.
In advance, I appreciate your expertise and assistance.
Sam Panella

Hello, Sam,

Of course you are welcome to bring in a sample to have it identified. You may take it to the New Castle County Extension Office on Wyoming Road in Newark, or you may take it directly to Townsend Hall on the Newark campus of University of Delaware. The UD Plant Diagnostic Clinic is located in Plant and Soil Sciences on the second floor of Townsend Hall, Room 152.


Hello , Nancy,
I will drop off the sample at UD.
Again, thank you for our help and especially for your more than timely reply to my e-mail.

Sam Panella