Squash bugs

Asked August 15, 2015, 1:00 PM EDT

We have had a horrible year with squash bugs. We have ended up ripping out all the squash and zucs because they aren't producing and are just getting hammered by the bugs. We have tried hand picking and other IPM ideas. I am wondering if we can put insecticide right into my garden beds, till it in and let it winter like that. We can see the squash bugs all throughout the soil so I know they will be overwintering with us unfortunately. I am looking for ideas to kill all the stages of them so my squash has a better chance of producing next year.

St. Mary's County Maryland

1 Response

Please read over the life cycle information in our website squash bug information to help explain what you are witnessing: http://extension.umd.edu/growit/insects/squash-bug

There is no soil insecticide that will help, as you can see. However, please read over the list of control possibilities. These are all effective strategies, especially the row cover.