milk leaks from teat skin in my dairy goats

Asked August 15, 2015, 4:11 AM EDT

hello. could you please help me to treat and prevent milk leaking from mammary teats skin in my dairy goats, i have noticed lately.

Outside United States

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Your goats might have a condition called "weeping teats." Milk can seep out either where the teat joins the udder or out of the walls of the teat itself. The latter condition happens if milk is produced by cells within the teat wall and oozes out through skin pores. It is more common at the start of a lactation and when pressure is applied during milking. If you are hand milking, try to avoid putting pressure high up on the teat. Also, do not put undue force on the teats if milking by hand or machine. The weeping should resolve as the lactation progresses. More frequent milking will reduce udder pressure from retained milk so that may help. Sometimes large openings develop and need to be sewn closed. If you notice that this problem is more common in goats that are related, it would be best to select away from this problem--teats that leak milk can let bacteria in and mastitis is possible. I don't know if the condition tends to recur year after year, so that is something to watch for.