Giant silk moth hatchlings aren't eating

Asked August 15, 2015, 3:27 AM EDT

One day I was swimming and rescued a giant silk moth from the water. The poor thing's wings were torn so I knew she wouldn't make it, but before she passed she laid 4 eggs on the chair we had her on. We took them home and they hatched yesterday but have yet to eat. They're all still alive as far as I know, they're not very active but just when I think ones passed, it moves. I've fed them apple and birch so far and got nothing. They're in a Tupperware jar with a paper towel and all that jazz. I really want to try and give these guys a chance, so any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!

Yavapai County Arizona

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Keep them in the tupperware, add moist sand to the bottom and add some type of ventilation to the lid. Try new plant types to see if they will eat the new leaves added to the container.