What is this plant?

Asked August 14, 2015, 12:43 PM EDT

I'd like to know what this plant is, and if it's desirable or not. It appeared in my pole bean patch this summer and is taking over. It's so beautiful, though, and the flowers open at night so I thought it might be something to encourage. I don't have any photos of it at night, but the flowers are big and white and unfurl like a moonflower. The plant has flourished, and is around 6 feet tall. If it's desirable, I'd like to know if I can move it now or later, or if the pods have seeds in them that I can plant next year. If it's undesirable, I'd like advice on removing it.

Howard County Maryland

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Your plant is most likely of the genus Datura. You should compare it with Brugmansia.
Datura is an annual 'bush', while Brugmansia will grow into a rather large tree.
The flowers and seeds of both are poisonous.
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