What is this on my cantaloupe?

Asked August 14, 2015, 12:38 PM EDT

This cantaloupe started growing in the beginning of July. I have everything growing up on a trellis. It has not really grown much over the past few weeks and now one of my melons that started growing after this one is bigger. What is that on my melon? At first I thought it was from the fence(I kinda made a bed for the melons from the fence so it can rest on it and not break off. But then I thought maybe it's a disease? I've never grown anything before and I lint kinda tossed seeds in the ground and this is what I got, lol

Jefferson County Missouri

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It is hard to tell. It looks a little like a bacterial disease called bacterial fruit blotch. I suppose it could also be nicks and cuts from the wires. Either way, wait until the stem separates easily from the melon, harvest it, cut it open and see if it is rotten or golden. If rotten, discard it and don't plant melons there again for several years.