Why are my impatiens growing so tall?

Asked August 13, 2015, 4:06 PM EDT

I have impatiens that have grown to at least 3 feet tall and they are in the sun most of the day. I know this is not supposed to happen and I have neighbors question how this can be -- I do not know the answer. The plot is about 10 feet across and 4 feet deep.

Roanoke County Virginia impatiens

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It is possible that you planted Sunpatiens, which not only take the sun, but some of them get tall. See this discussion:


Further, when impatiens go to seed, as they so often do and come back the next year from seed, the genes start getting polluted because you are then talking sexual propagation (seed) not asexual propagation (from cuttings). As you start introducing genes from both parents and from grandparents and others in the line, you start getting things less and less like the parents. You might start out with a short plant and end up with a much taller one, or a different color, or slightly different leaf or other feature.

Thank you for your answer but they are not sunpatiens, just the regular variety of impatiens.

There is no good way to identify what variety they are, assuming they are newly planted and not seedlings from previous years. Seedlings have a variety of genes from the mixed parentage.