pecan problem

Asked August 12, 2015, 10:15 PM EDT

Hello I have three pecan trees and every year its the same thing. During the summer the outside of the green husks start getting black spots on them and then by this time of year completely black, will start to rot soon. Any ideas? Thank you. Will

Carlisle County Kentucky

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There are a number of shuck diseases that can be the cause. Scab and shuck dieback are likely, but there are several possibilities. You will need to get a handful of nuts to your county Extension agent so he/she can submit them to the Plant Disease Diagnostic Lab. There is no charge for this service. Try to find a variety of symptoms from slightly affected to severely infected.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to manage pecan diseases with fungicides unless you have an airblast sprayer. Often, we recommend resistant cultivars. At this stage, you might consider replanting. The Northern Nutgrowers Association should have recommendations for pecans in this area.